8" Varnam Touch Screen Digital Photo Frame

The Varnam VM830BT comes with a unique touch sensitive front panel to control the functionalities. The touch panel provides the user interface for the photo frame there by avoiding protrusive buttons on the frame. A full function remote control complements the touch panel control. Not just that it also has a built in re-chargeable battery [...]

8 Inch Kodak Digital Photo Frame – Black

Smart intuitive multimedia?done your wayStart viewing your pictures and videos right away?just insert a memory card or connect your digital camera and enjoy. A frame full of features: slide shows your way thumbnails copy delete and print Set the mood with music?listen to your favorite MP3s with built-in speakers Selectable viewing hours featuring automatic on/off [...]

8 Inch WIFI 2.0 Digital Photo Frame In Piano Black Finish & Acrylic Trim

8 Inch Wi-Fi v2.0 Digital Photo Frame gives you full web-based access so you can control exactly the photos you want on your frame at any time from anywhere in the world. E-mail photos as .jpg attachments and they appear on your frame. You can of course send photos while on the go from your [...]

8 Inch Emergo Digital Photo Frame Black Supports Dvix Xvid and takes XD

8 Inch Digital Photo frame – Black Supports Dvix Xvid and takes XD CardsThe age of digital cameras has transformed our picture taking lives but it does of course have one drawback. Whereas before we automatically got prints to look at and share when we developed our films nowadays our pictures are all 'virtual' and [...]

8 Inch Gemini Digital Photo Frame

A classic design with a superb wooden finish ? this timeless Digital Photo Frame can sit in any room in your home and look fabulous. The 8 Inch Gemini has an incredible display and its wealth of features means you can listen to music or just watch a slideshow of photo?s or your video. A [...]