Aroma Oil Diffuser with USB Power

What better way to relax and help set a tranquil mood at your desk than with one of these funky USB powered oil burner / mood lights. Designed in the shape of a cactus pot faux cactus included its base doubles as and uber-cool mood light which can be set to phase through a spectrum [...]

USB Mirror Ball

Brighten up your workspace with this cute USB mirror ball. When connected to your computer the ball will spin. There is a flexible lamp on the side which you can adjust for maximum sparkle! click here to learn more

USB Desktop Bouncer

The bouncers job is to guard your desk if anybody approaches whilst you are away he will ward them off with some stern words! The USB Desktop Bouncer is powered via a USB lead or via 3 x AAA batteries. click here to learn more

USB Finger Dance Mat

Plug your USB Dance Mat into the USB port slip your fingers through the holes and select the game type press start and then mimic the steps illuminated by the arrows. Get the highest score by pressing the button while it is still illuminated. click here to learn more

USB Whack It

Bring classic arcade gaming to your desktop with this USB Whack it game. Bop the multi coloured moles as soon as they light up and race to a high score and then challenge your mates to beat it! Powered by USB or battery includes 30 second or 1 minute game play modes and LED scoreboard. [...]

USB Lounge Lamp

Light up your life with this USB lounge lamp! Instantly adds some warmth to any space and improves the look of a boring computer desk. Also works as a light powererd via your USB port… what more could you want? click here to learn more

USB Desk Vacuum Cleaner

Do you eat at your desk? Does your work area or PC get covered in food crumbs? Suck up dust and crumbs with the coolest USB Vacuum cleaner ever. With classic retro style you can suck your way to success! click here to learn more

USB Retro Fan

Keep cool in style with this retro USB fan. The unique classic design will bring a touch of funky elegance to any workplace. Also will keep you cool on those hot summer days! click here to learn more

Mod Mouse and Mat

Steeped in Mod culture and this superb Mod Mouse Mat and Mouse is perfect for anyone that remembers the Mod scene… brighton beach and The Who (when they were good!). click here to learn more

Desktop Racing – Mini Cooper Chase

We all remember racing cars on Scalectrix TCR and Race and Chase? Well re-live those childhood memories with this fantastic Desktop Racing Mini set. These are fantastic fun for big and small boys alike! We all rememeber the frustrations with the cars spinning off the track. Well with Desktop Mini Racing the cars are never [...]