Radio Controlled Combat Special Mission Hovercraft

The Combat Special Mission Radio Controlled Hovercraft has a futuristic design and is ready for just about anything! The Twin skirts keep it floating on a cushion of air over any smooth surface including water! Full directional control makes steering a breeze allowing sharp turns and spins! You will have plenty of time to practice [...]

Desktop Racing Grannies Game

Have some galloping geriatric fun with this great racing grannies game! Eat dust as the golden oldies go for gold. Drive your old biddy round the bend and first into the queue for the blue rinse!Includes 2 granny racers a 10 piece track and two controllers. click here to learn more

Super Sumos Radio Controlled Sumo Battle Game

Radio controlled battling sumo game containing two sumo wrestlers two remote controlls and a battle mat. Simply line up the contenders and its belly bouncing all the way until you knock your opponent off of the mat. click here to learn more

Radio Controlled Humvee Wall Climbing Car Red

This zero gravity radio control wall climbing car is an astonishing gravity defying remote controlled Humvee that really does climb up walls! Now available in Red!Thanks to high powered fans and the Air Venturi system it pulls air in under itself to allows it to climb up walls. Drive it straight at the wall and [...]

Desktop Racing – Mini Hummer Chase

We all remember racing cars on Scalectrix TCR and Race and Chase? Well re-live those childhood memories with this fantastic Desktop Racing Hummer set which is officially licensed by General Motors. These are fantastic fun for big and small boys alike! click here to learn more

Radio Controlled Mod Moped

Scoot along in style with this radio controlled Mod Moped! If you ever did that Mod / Rocker thing like The Who and either owned or wanted to own a Vespa then this is the product for you! click here to learn more

Booze Cruze Radio Controlled Car

Can you go the distance? Do you think you have the skills required to control your car without spilling your drink? Strategic driving skills are definately required in this fast paced game of driving dexterity!Simply fill the glass with a liquid of your choice. We would recommend that you use water as its such a [...]

Radio Controlled Camper Van

Radio controlled just got groovey with this fantastic radio controlled camper van! Recreate the summer of love with this fully functional radio controlled vehicle. click here to learn more

Radio Controlled Spy Car

A unique toy that combines the coolest features of a spy car and wireless camera into one stunning vehicle! Spy on your friends see and listen to all the action through the on board miniature wireless video camera and microphone. Then battle in spy-vs-spy style using the built-in infrared lasers (up to 3 players at [...]

Radio Controlled Fart Machine No 2

The funniest gag product ever produced just got better! We proudly present the new Remote Controlled Fart Machine Number two (pun intended). Armed with this new and improved device you can embarrass you victims whenever the mood strikes you with:More and better fart sounds Increased Operating Distance New patent pending Boom Box Technology 15 Louder [...]