Picoo Z Desert King Helicopter

Following unprecedented demand for the tiny Picoo Z Micro Helicopter the smallest and lightest miniature Infra Red controlled Helicopter in the World see the colourful new Silverlit ?Special Edition Collection? for 2007 featuring the Khaki camouflaged ?Desert King? Stunning Silver ?Metro Fly? and retro style ?Pinki? that is sure to prove popular for girls!… Still only 17cms long and weighing an unbelievable 10 grams these amazing new Picoo Z Helicopters are inherently stable and easy to fly in the smallest of spaces and are fantastic fun for all the familySupplied completely ready-to-fly with an innovative pre-installed two channel proportional wide beam infra red control system the lightweight Lithium Polymer flight battery will provide flights of up to 10 minutes between charges yet can be recharged in less than half an hour with the portable charger provided.These inexpensive Picoo Z Micro Helicopters are remarkably robust made of tough expanded Polypropylene foam feature an LED strobe light for flights in the dark and incorporate an auto stability system to make these easy to operate both indoors and outside in calm conditions.Technical SpecificationProduct Dimensions: Main Rotor Diameter 130mm (5.25"). Length 170mm (6.5") excluding rotors. Rear Rotor diameter 30mm (1.25"). Product Weight: Only 10g including Flight Battery. Rechargeable Flight Battery: High capacity integral Lithium Polymer battery. Charger: Integral Transmitter/Charger supplied with LED indicator/Auto shut off. Simply plug in and charge with easy to use connections. Charging Time: 20-30 minutes for full charge. Flight Duration:5-10 minutes between charges. Batteries Required: 6 x 1.5v AA Alkaline Batteries for Transmitter/Charger. Control Specification: Supplied completely assembled and already charged ready-to-fly with pre-installed 2 Channel Proportional Infra Red Control System. Take off hover and descend turn left and right with fixed forward movement. Range: Up to 10m (30ft). Frequency: Infra Red Control System – Individual Bands A B & C allow the three different coloured Helicopters to be flown together. Instruction Manual included: Providing helpful tips for the new Helicopter Pilot. Age Recommendation: 8+ Adult supervision recommended for operation. Gift Box Dimensions: 360 x 160 x 100mm. Gift Box Weight: 0.4kgs.

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